Making paracord lanyard and other accessories

Parachute cord history of appearance

Lanyards, key chains, fobs, and other accessories are not only useful items to have in your survival kit but can also be quite appealing for wearing. Hand-made paracord accessories have a special value.

The key advantages of making rope items yourself are that you may customize the thing to your style or needs, use better quality materials or even some decorative elements in your weaving process. Besides, handmade items are always very pleasant to wear or give as gifts to friends.

So, in this post, we are going to discuss the making of keychain fobs, neck lanyards, key chains, and wrist lanyads. These items may be used for your knives, keys, flashlights, accessories, etc. But what is essential is that they may also be used for survival purposes by real backpackers or outdoor activists. We will present some paracord lanyard making instructions, but you may also use your imagination while braiding paracord lanyards or other things.

For cord lanyard making, you should have a rope in different colors, a lighter or a soldering iron, a special needle, and some lanyard accessories. For breaking strength use a 550 cord, which is 5 mm wide.

A variety of paracord lanyard knots may be used in paracord crafts, but we will talk about the main ones: the square knot, the cross wave knot, the cobra weave, etc.

The Square Knot

Fir this technique you should have 2 strands of nylon rope of one color or different colors for more appealing look. The result may be used as a fob with squared shape. Always plan the length before you start the knot. You may use a rubber band to separate the lace.

The Cross Wave Knot

In this variation of the square knot you will have a cilindrical shape lanyard in the end. The technique lies in making the spiral waves with the paracord strands. It looks really nice if you combine different colors. The procedure is similar to the square knot, just cross the strands of the cord instead of bending those along straight lines. This type of knot may be used for paracord neck lanyard due to its nice look.

The Cobra Weave

The Cobra Weave also known as Solomon knot is the star of the "flat" knots. It may be used to make lanyards, to create bracelets or fobs, straps for bags or pouches, straps for flashlights, etc. This knot may also be used for storing paracord so that it can be pulled out easily in case of need. The Cobra weave can be done with 1-3 strand of paracord, depending on what kind of result you want to get. You can also leave a loop outside of the cobra stitch to use it as an attachment point.


Using paracord braiding you can create cilindrical forms, which will look nice for lanyards, dog straps, key rings, and other uses. For the typical braids you should use 3-4 strands of parachute cord. The 3-strand braid is the easiest type of braiding – just cross the strands one over the other changing the starting strand. The other type of braid, diamond braid, can be created with 4 strands of a cord.

There are also many other types of paracord lanyard knots, such as the monkey fist, the hangman's knot, etc. Still, your imagination may help you create even more knots than there are available in numerous tutorials on the Internet.

Once you have chosen the type of knot you are going to use to make your favourite lanyard, you can check out our paracord lanyard accessories supplies to decorate your lanyard and make it more stylish. The craftsmen usually use plastic connectors, zippers, locks, metal split rings, clips made of stainless steel, or decorative elements, such as beads, skulls, rings, etc.

In this article we have covered only some basic rules of making paracord lanyards. However, we are also planning to start a broader paracord lanyard project on our website. We would highly appreciate your participation. You are welcome to add your posts about paracord, lanyards, belts and bracelets, and other cool paracord stuff.