How many paracord colors are there?

Paracord is a strong rope originally invented by the US soldiers to support parachutes. The cord is made of nylon and comprises an outer jacket plus seven braided inner threads. The 550 cord is only 3/16 of an inch thick, but can hold up to 550 lbs. Compared to other types of rope, a parachute cord has a great strength despite its thickness.

There are 4 types of paracord classified according to its strength and a number of inner strands. These inner strands can be separated in emergency situations to make a fishing line, for example.

Paracord has been known since the times of World War as an ultimate survival product. The reliable sources list about 100 common uses of para cord. However, recently the has broadened its range of possible uses even more, especially with 39 different paracord colors available almost at every paracord store. You can buy colored paracord at our store and many other online retailers. While paracord has been long used by sportsmen, tourists, craftsmen, or outdoor people to make some paracord accessories, recently it is being used even more intensively. The shops offer such a huge variety of paracord colors, that everyone tries to learn how to make things just because they look really cool, especially in different colors. People make not only belts, bracelets, lanyards, which were originally made to keep at hand and have a possibility to unravel it when necessary, but they also started to make other things just to enjoy the process and produce a unique item, which may be given as a gift or used as a decoration for the house. You can create everything, starting form such things, as pencil holders, dog collars, key chains and ending with larger items, such carpets, etc.

Since paracord is now available in so many colors, it may be used to identify multiple items by color code. Another important use for colored paracord is in climbing or hiking, where you might use a pink or orange paracord to tie yourself to your buddy. In case something happens, it will be easier to find each other using a bright colored rope. It is commonly used to make fishing nets and other equipment. They usually use black colored paracord for these purposes, but the fishing experts know, that some fish are attracted by bright colors, so you may try to make a colorful fishing net.

Multi-colored paracord is useful for various needs. But no one can reject that it also looks really nice. That is why the hand-made items of neon yellow, turquoise, bright red, kelly green, or gold paracord, look really amazing. Just imagine a hand-made hammock in your garden made of the paracord of your favorite color! Nice, isn't it?