Making your own paracord braiding bracelet

Paracord braiding bracelet in 12 simple steps!

Every backpacker, camper, hiker, or anybody who loves to spend time outside knows that having extra paracord handy is of the first priority when you are in the wilderness. One of the ways to store cord for your needs during camping is to make it into paracord braiding supplies, such as bracelets, belts, etc.

Keeping your rope in the form of a bracelet does not add extra weight to your backpack, but you always know that you have another 10 feet of the paracord at hand. Therefore, knowing how to create a braiding paracord bracelet is something that every outdoor person should know. The uses for this extra paracord can be numerous, and not having it when needed can be critical in some survival situations. Of course, you can simply wind up a piece of a parachute cord and pack it away if it may be needed, but you may also spend about 10 minutes and learn how to make a braided paracord bracelet and other useful things out of it.

Most people who would like to learn how to make braided paracord items simply like the way paracord belts, bracelets and strands look... They look cool. Experimenting with different colors and cord lengths you can be really creative. There is no limit to the types of paracord things you can create, once you have mastered the really simple technique. When me and my friends are backpacking or camping we always take some extra cordage and before we set to go, we practice creating different types of paracord things, such as knife lanyards, key fobs, bracelets, pack straps, belts, and so on. Making a bracelet is just the start of the many fun things you will be able to create when you master the braiding technique.

So, here we will offer you some braiding instructions for making a survival bracelet.

For paracord braiding a bracelet you will basically need only 3 things: a strand of cord, scissors, and a soldering iron. We recommend you to use a 550 cord since it is really useful and durable material famous for its breaking strength. Almost forgot, there two methods which may be used to fasten your bracelet: using the excess paracord or using a button. So, you may also need a button if you choose this way of fastening.

Let us start:

I. Take 10-feet strand of paracord and burn both ends with a soldering iron to prevent them from unraveling. Form a loop after finding the center of the strand. Holding the middle of it, wrap around your wrist and determine the desired length of your bracelet.

II. Begin with the loose ends which point away from you, take the left strand and make a loop on the left, placing the end under both strands. Make another loop on the right part and place the end back under both strands. Thread the strand on the right under and through the right loop and then through the left loop in the center.

III. Next, loop the same strand under the left strand and thread it back through the right loop. The braid will resemble a four-leaf clover.

IV. Using the strand on the left, create a loop on the left, place the strand under the center and make a loop on the right, again placing the strand under the center of your bracelet.

V. Thread the right strand under and through the loop on the right side and through the loop on the left. Loop the strand under the strand on the left side and thread it through the strand on the right again.

VI. Repeat instructions 4 and 5 again until the braiding almost reaches the end.

VII. Stop braiding with a bigger loop to add your button.

VIII. Cut the cord and melt the ends with the soldering iron.

IX. Add a button to the opposite end. To fasten the bracelet, place the button through the loop.

X. Finish braiding when the loop is big enough to put both ends of the paracord through. Pull the strands through this loop.

XI. Check that the top loops are big enough to thread both strands through. If not, adjust their size.

XII, Thread both strands through the loops at the top. Try the bracelet on to determine how much extra paracord is needed to finish it. Knot the rope at this point and cut off the rest. Melt the ends with a soldering iron.

Here you are done! We hope you enjoyed our paracord braiding instructions and your bracelet looks cool! Feel free to post your feedback or questions about paracord braiding on our website!