Paracord bracelet making in 2 easy steps!

Wanna know how to make a paracord bracelet which does not only look good but may also be useful for outdoor activities?

In the military forces there is a tradition to make a “combat bracelet” using nylon kernmantel rope from soldier's trousers ties. Every soldier has to make such bangle for the next one so that the newbie will have a paracord bracelet made by the experienced soldier. These wristles have to be worn on the mission. According to the tradition, they may be taken off if the whole unit returns.

Well, this is a really romantic and touching story behind a cute little thing which is now known by most outdoor people as it. We are not in the army and no one is going to fight the enemy on the battlefield, but we are also interested in how to make a paracord bracelet for other purposes.

In our peaceful world, cord made arm bands may be used as a miniature survival kit for outdoor activities. Once you are hiking in the wilderness, it may be useful to have paracord bracelet supplies. Besides, they looks really cute and will make a great gift for any outdoor person. If you are a kind of adventurous person or you have some friends who love to go hiking or climbing, than our project is for you.
There are differen designs exist. You may use several colors to make them, add a button, or some bracelet accessories. Or you may just quit this whole weaving thing and just check out our gadgets for sale at our Market Place. Anyhow, if you have decided to try, just follow our instructions, and in 20 minutes you will be the happy owner of a newly hand-made device.

For the most simple anklet, you will need 10 feet of a 550 cord, scissors and a lighter. A 550 cord is preferable since it is really strong and is about 5 mm in diameter. You can buy a cord of any color at our store. Remember, when you cut paracord it will unravel, so you should use a lighter. But be careful, the melted nylon is hot!

So, let us start. You have to cut two lengths of parahute cord - one 8-foot length and the other 2-foot length. The 8-foot part will stretch out from left to right, and the smaller part will be folded in half and laid on the longer section. Now we are going to repeat a cobra knot to create our design. To make a bracelet with a cobra knot you will be repeating reverse moves. You have to repeat just two essential movements, one from the left side and one from the right.

Step 1

With the cord in front of you, grasp the longer section on the right and place it on top of the smaller section of the paracord creating a "Z". Now hold the left end of the longer cord and thread it over and through the first loop of your "Z" (bottom left) and under the smaller cord then out through the second loop of the "Z" (top right).Now pull on the ends of the long strand to tighten the knot up. You will have to adjust it and the knot as you go on to keep them aligned.

Step 2

Hold the longer part of the strand on the left side and place it on top of the smaller section of the strand creating an "S". (Notice, that this type you creat an S shape. Throughout the entire process you will use Z, S, Z, S, Z, S...pattern.) Now grasp the right end of the longer cord and thread it over and through the first loop of the "S" (bottom right) and under the smaller cord then back out the second loop of your "S" (top left).Gently pull the ends of the longer strand to tighten the knot and adjust it.

That is actually all you should do to weave it. Just repeat those steps as many times as you need to make it as long as you want. When you have finished, tie a simple knot, which will let you fasten your bangle around the wrist. Later, you may learn how to use a button for this purpose. So, making a paracord bracelet is easier than you thought it would be, isn't it?