Instructions for beginners!

Paracord belt making

As you already know, paracord refers to a cord that is an exceptionally durable and strong material most often used in the U.S. military not just for parachutes, but for various utility applications too. Parachute cord makes an ultimate survival kit for outdoor enthusiasts for its breaking strength and functionality in performing a variety of tasks, from lashing poles together, securing cargo, making a bridge or a shelter, to creating a rescue line.

One of the ways to store paracord handy at all circumstances is to have it in the form of a paracord belt. This belt can be unraveled easily and quickly when you need to use your paracord. Some people wear paracord belts just as fashion items, because they possess a somewhat rugged appeal and are available in a variety of braid patterns and colors to fit one's taste. However, should you be interested in some practical aspects of a paracord belt uses, here are some essential things to know.

First, paracord belt is a great accessory for backpackers and hikers who want to store a parachute cord without increasing the weight of carriage. Since belt is a commonly worn item when backpacking or hiking, having a paracord belt does not add extra weight. Second, some paracord belts have a belt strap under the cord weave. It means that, in case you need to unravel your rope to use it, you will still be wearing a belt. So, when you are looking for paracord belts for sale or making one yourself, keep those things in mind.

Once you have decided to make use of your survival paracord belt, just remove the belt buckle and pull on the end of the cord until it unravels. The cord can also be woven back into a paracord belt when it is finished being used.

Before starting to weave a paracord belt for your ultimate survival kit, make sure you have prepared a sufficient length of it on hand. The products for making a paracord belt supplies may be purchased at our website. Usually you will need at least 15 inches of material for each inch of the belt length. So, multiply your waist size by 15 for to estimate how much rope you need.

Then choose the kind of braid pattern you will use. The simplest choice for a newbie is called the "typical braid pattern". An andvanced braid pattern is called the Cobra weave. It is widely used to make survival paracord bracelets by the military and the civilians as well. But, we will not focus on this advanced weaving technique in this post. Check out other blogs on our website if you want to know more about different braiding techniques, Cobra weave in particular. To follow the typical braid pattern, some fixed objects are needed to wrap each end of the paracord around. For these purposes some pushed into the ground poles may be used. They will keep the cord taut and allow you to braid between the strands more easily.

Start with wrapping about 3-4 loops of rope around each fixed object, maintaining the needed width of your belt. As you create the loops, make sure you tighten them up. After that, you will need to weave one end of the cord over and under the horizontal cords, alternating as you continue weaving. As you follow each vertical pass, tighten up the woven strands against each other. In the end when you have reached the desired length, release the objects which secured each end of the rope. Tie the end of the paracord strand to the final loop. Now you are done with your first homemade paracord belt!

If something went wrong and you were not able to finish the very own handmade paracord belt following this instructable, just check out our paracord belt and bracelet supplies for sale. Maybe, you will find something you like.