Paracord 550 - a must have for every survival kit!

Paracord 550 - number ONE survival kit in the world!

If you are here, then you really want to know what a paracord 550 (really w50? – the answer here is and how to get one)! We are very happy to introduce you this important and useful tool to have in your garage and your emergency survival kit. So, what it is and where it may be used, this is what we are going to talk about.

Parachute cord is a light but really strong nylon kernmantle rope originally used by the military. The 550 cord has a large number of interwoven strands. It is sometimes called a 550 cord, because it can hold around 550 pounds. It is really strong. It has proved to be resistant to rotting, quick drying, and have a perfect durability. First, the cord was used as a rope for making parachutes, hence its! It is no wonder that its first usage was in parachuting, because it is highly reliable for people's safety. Later, the US paratroopers found out that this type of rope may also be really useful for many other military tasks. Now it is used for general purposes not only by the military, but also by the civilians. The equipment finds its users in sport, camping, gardening, housework, etc. Can you believe it? The parachute cord was even used by the astronauts to repair the space telescope!

A strong rope is a thing that has to be present in every household. But, what is more important is to know where you might need to use it. If you are working in the garden or decided to go camping into the woods for several days, cord products will surely come in handy for simple uses or more important survival needs, such as building a shelter or making tourniquets for first aid. Therefore, you should always remember to pack it into your survival kit. Another important thing to keep in mind if you go on the adventure is the longer rope you have the better. The 550 cord may be used in fishing to make the nets, in hiking – to climb the mountains, in various water sports and entertainments, etc. The circumstances may be different, but paracord accessories are essential equipment for a variety of outdoor activities. Because the cord comes in a variety of colors and lengths, in addition to aforementioned handy functions, it may be used to make fashionable knotted bracelets, belts, or other decorative items as well. Some people choose to make bracelets with it to be their hobby. Others prefer to learn to make belts by themselves. You may not only make these items, but also sell them as souvenirs or give as gifts for your friends' birthdays.

Taking into consideration the importance of the 550 cord in various outside experiences and the possible range of its usage, we have started this online paracord project. Our goal is to offer you a place, where everyone can learn everything about different cord products, buy paracords and accessories, review the items we offer, and share the information about our products with other users.