Parachute cord. All amazing facts from history about parachute cord!

Parachute cord history of appearance

Almost everyone knows that a parachute cord is a handy survival tool which can be kept easily accessible in the form of a belt, a bracelet or replacement boot laces. The paracord products have as many uses as there are leaves on a tree, so keeping them in your household is a wise and maybe even lifesaving idea, no matter where you are or what you are doing: hiking in the wilderness, developing some survival techniques or just hanging around in the garage.

So, knowing where to buy cheap parachute cords of high quality is very important.

For the first time the parachute cord was used during WWII by the military. A durable lightweight rope, also known as 550 cord, was originally invented to be used for the suspension lines in US parachutes. The military parachute cord was made of a sheath with 7 strands inside. It had a tensile strength around 550 lbs., hence its name is 550 cord. It is highly important to mention that each inner strand of the cord is comprised of 2 or 3 strands. If you wrap the cord several times, you may have the ability to haul up to 5500 lbs. The parachute cord is mildew and rotting resistant, its possible uses are limited only by your imagination. So, if you have not got the parachute cord or its accessories yet, welcome to the parachute cord wholesale on our market place!

Here are some typical, smart and really ingenious ways to take advantage of this popular cord. Let us start with the obvious uses, such as securing equipment, making a clothesline for wet gear, or stringing up tarps. Besides that, a paracord may be used for emergency purposes to make a tie, a splint, a sling, or maybe even weave a stretcher, if needed. Remember, that the one absolute rule about parachute cord is to melt the ends with your lighter to prevent them from fraying.

For survival uses, paracord can be modified into traps, snares, gill nets or fishing lines. Using simple knotting skills with branches one can make a shelter out of a 50 foot long paracord. A bridge or a ladder can be woven with the help of branches and a cord as well. If you double the cord, it can serve as a boat anchor line. It is really advisable that you do not use parachute cord for rappelling, however, in case of real emergency, it has proven to be useful and really strong.

Parachute cords for sale are now available in different colors. One might think that it is too much to color the rope. However, even coloring is important in paracords. For example, while hiking the person is at risk of avalanches, therefore it might be a good idea to use a brightly-colored rope to tie to the hiking buddy, so that you can see the colorful paracord in any circumstances. Besides, it may be noticed from the helicopter.

It is not new for anyone that braiding or weaving the paracord has become really popular recently, what has broadened the uses of the rope as well. People make key fobs, watch bands, weapon straps, lanyards, water bottle covers, dog collars and leashes, bracelet supplies and cork covers. Some of these items may also be used in emergency situations.

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